V-Sync enables online file synchronization, sharing and backup for businesses, with a focus on security, reliability and easy integration.

V-Sync allows users to access and sync files across all their devices, including mobiles (iOS and Android). Those files are completely protected utilizing 448-bit Blowfish encryption both at data rest and over an SSL connection during transfer.

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V-Guard is our complete security-as-a-service solution, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all your data and IT assets.

V-Guard ensures all your data and IT resources remain protected from unauthorized access, free from malicious code and available at all times, while maintaining total confidentiality.

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V-Desk is our virtual desktop and application service.

V-Desk allows users to access their Windows-based virtual desktop, or applications from anywhere they have an internet connection, on any computer, laptop or mobile device.

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V-Vault is our disaster recovery and business continuity service.

V-Vault protects both physical and virtual operating systems, middleware and data. One-click disaster recovery testing, rapid failover and broad platform support are just some of the many features.

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V-Host is our Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and colocation solution.

V-Host is highly flexible, whether a customer is looking to locate their company-owned servers in our facility, rent physical or virtual servers/network devices, or host applications.

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What makes
us different

Great reasons
to use v-oasis


Instead of being locked into capital investment and upfront costs, make value-for-money monthly payments from your operational budget - with no nasty surprises.


We believe strongly in transparency and we encourage all our customers and potential clients to tour our facilities and see where their valuable data will live.


By partnering with V-Oasis, you are putting your IT hosting needs into our safe hands and allowing yourself to focus on your core business and customers.


Our unparalleled expertise in corporate and cyber security creates a cloud solution that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and resources.


Our unswerving principle is to do the right thing. We continuously monitor our ability to serve our customers, protect their data and respond to incidents.


By reducing your IT footprint and hosting with us, you are doing your bit for the environment. We in turn embrace new technologies to maximise those benefits.